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Albany: Band chooses waterfront to hold online concert

By Damin Esper, Correspondent

POSTED: 12/17/2014 05:53:48 PM PST

ALBANY — For what it’s worth, the cops came up to the roof of Abbey Road Studios in London in 1969 when the Beatles recorded a brief concert for the movie “Let It Be.”

Fast forward 45 years. Oakland band Musk had just finished a similar live performance before the cameras on Dec. 9 on the shore of San Francisco Bay behind the grandstand and parking lot at Golden Gate Fields when several East Bay Regional Park District police officers drove up. Much like the Beatles’ concert, nothing came of it. Whether Musk’s show will be seen by millions, well, we’ll see.

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Congratulations to @sayheymikala for submitting the best and most Zen-est selfie of her experience watching the Kosha Dillz live stream! We hope you like your new autographed (and possibly sweated on – it was so hot in there) KD t-shirt! Thank you for watching, hope to see you again, namaste ~

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For our Happy Fangs live stream, we held a contest for our viewers: whoever sends us the best picture of you watching the live stream wins signed pom poms from Happy Fangs. We are happy to congratulate @sfintercom for sending in the best viewer picture (based on the expert opinions of our crack judging panel). Here it is in all it’s glory (including awesome JCVD requirements), as well as a pic of the pom pom itself and Happy Fangs setlist. We hope @sfintercom enjoys his winnings for ages to come!

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